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Smokey Rivers

What Year and City did you get your start in Radio? 1972, Harrisburg, PA. As a young boy, I was fascinated with those guys living in my father’s radio. So, I pried it open looking for the people inside. I was unsuccessful at finding the people but received a short education from my dad about where the people lived. My dad arranged a visit to a local radio station for me to see how radio is made. At that moment, I discovered my calling. On my first day as a college freshman, I signed up to host a weekly show on the campus station. In my sophomore year I began his first paid radio gig running the weekly American Top 40 program on a local commercial station. “The thrill of being on-air daily is so much a part of me. I enjoy sharing the music, the short stories about the artists and songs, and semi-useful knowledge about the things I love: Family, friends, cooking, staying fit, and moving listeners to better outcomes.”

What are three hobbies you have? I’m a foodie . . . food prep and eating are at the top of the list. Next is golf. I play often, just not very well. And cleaning stuff. I go wild with a bucket, mop, brushes, sponges and a bottle of 409. It’s a strange obsession, probably related to my passion for food prep.

Where is your hometown? Home is where the cheesesteaks roam: Philadelphia PA. Radio has given me the opportunity to tour the US. I have lived in Albany, Albuquerque, Annapolis, Birmingham, Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tucson and Washington DC. Travel has helped me appreciate the diversity that exists within these United States. It’s our greatest strength. When you eat your way around America, you quickly notice that.

How would your family and friends describe your personality? Talkative. Goofy. Caring. Cheerful. Helpful.

Who is your favorite superhero? Spiderman. I relate to his vulnerabilities. I relate to his desire to do good. I relate to his deductive powers… he is a quick thinker who, unlike other superheroes, devises a plan before he acts. Spidey may not be the strongest superhero, but he is the most thoughtful.

One more thing about me? If I asked my kids to describe me, they would say, “Dad is a know-it-all who never stops talking. He laughs when people fart. He’s an OK guy.”