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Kenny Wall

What Year and City did you get your start in Radio?  I got my start one week after I graduated high school in 1984 at my hometown radio station KVOM in Morrilton, AR.  The manager remembered me from when I begged for a job when I was 12.

What are three hobbies you have?  I love cooking and it shows. I also love horse racing. I once finished 64th out of 900 contestants in a national handicapping contest. I still don’t make money at it. I also LOVE Arkansas Razorback sports.

Where is your hometown?  I grew up in Plumerville. AR. That’s about 40 miles northwest of Little Rock.

How would your family and friends describe your personality? I’m weird, but in a good way. I have been called, on more than one occasion, a ‘dork.’

Who is your favorite superhero? My favorite superhero is The Hulk. He was a scientist nerd too. But when you “poked the bear”, he would make you pay.

One more thing about me?  My credo: Every day is a good day. Some are just better than others.