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Amy Cross

What Year and City did you get your start in Radio? I started my radio days in Wolfeboro, NH in 1986. I worked nights as a radio operator, pushing buttons, running the satellite, for the station affiliate Transtar Radio Network – the only LIVE show was mornings at that time. I wanted to take what I had learned to the next level. I made a demo of my voice and landed on air in Connecticut with a small station in 88. I’ve traveled all over the country, working in different cities including San Diego and Redlands California – I love what I do!!!

What are three hobbies you have? Enjoy walking along the river where I live. I work a lot with other things and that takes up my time. Hobbies are hard to work on.

Where is your hometown? New Canaan, Connecticut

How would your family and friends describe your personality? Quick to be sarcastic, in a fun loving way

Who is your favorite superhero? Never was into the Superheroes much growing up. Probably Superman since we only had 3 channels to choose from.

One more thing about me? I’m the youngest of three daughters to my parents-age difference is 13 years and 8 years older than myself. Our parents left us in 2016, 14 weeks apart, I know they watch over me.